Welcome to BLUE TERRA

Miwako Watanabe [Chairperson]

To Lovers of our Earth and Universe We are proud to introduce our superior range of products including globes of Mars, the Moon, satellite views of the earth, celestial globes and our original Portable Planetarium. For those interested in the history of map making we have life celestial and terrestrial globes originally produced by Valk in Amsterdam some 300 years ago.

Blue Terra Globes was founded by Unsei Watanabe, an ordained priest, and globe making began in 1937 in response to a request from the head of the Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple. For over half a century precision, clarity, professional input and an eye-catching product have been the qualities we stand by and "Learning through the Universe" is our guiding principal.

Welcome to Blue Terra Globes and please enjoy viewing our range of products which can all be ordered and paid for on-line.